In-Person Sessions

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Intuitive Sessions for Teens and Parents

I will also be offering in person intuitive sessions for you and your teenager Sunday Feb 28 from 11:00 to 2:30 at the New Renaissance Bookstore, Portland, Oregon.

Spots are limited.

Call 503-224-4929 to register for a session.

I am doing less and less one on one sessions these days so be sure to register today!

Empower your teenager and create new connections between the both of you
I look forward to seeing you there!!!

Jennifer Crews is a professional intuitive and pediatric speech language pathologist serving in the educational and medical fields. She has since been published in books and magazines and continues to dedicate her life to educating others on the mastery of self love, invisible communication, personal power, intuition, and energetic well-being.

smaller professional What to expect in an Intuitive Session:

In an Intuitive Session you will receive DIRECT connection to your spirit self.  I will connect with that higher part of yourself that is talking to you all the time and I can tell you EXACTLY what he or she is saying to you. I can tell you what your spirit wants you to know about your current life events. I can pinpoint why your feeling what your feeling.When you experience direct connection and communication with YOUR spirit self you speed up the process to know EXACTLY what practical steps to take, providing solutions and moving you through any of life’s obstacles.Feel better about your choices, feel a weight being lifted, feel less burdened, feel validated, feel solid in moving forward through any challenges your currently going through in your personal and professional life.

“Thank you! It helped prepare me for this huge transition underway. You will be getting lots of calls from me. I realize how much I needed this and how you answered questions I did’nt even know I had.”~Melissa McLaughlin,Aveda Salon Development Partner, Santa Barbara, CA

“What I enjoyed most about today was experiencing something new and different! I felt very comforted and supported. I really enjoyed the private intuitive session, its lead me to some great ideas for movement in my business.”~Tamara Clinkenbeard, Hair & Makeup Artist, West Hollywood, CA

“I enjoyed the guidance and affirmation. An amazing environment to be surrounded by such acceptance. Thank you for the clarity.”~ A.K. Santa Monica, CA

“Thank you so much, you have a true gift and I am instantly welcomed and understood by you and your light.  I learned today that my instincts are spot on and I need to honor them by listening.”~K.S.   Echo Park, CA

“I learned today to trust myself more and begin to stop being afraid.”~Allison Los Angeles, CA