KNOW YOUR WAY! ~ Move forward with certainty and courage and have ongoing access to the power and beauty of your SPIRIT.


smallchandelierSTAGE 1  ~  MEET and CONNECT  =  Insight Program    

3 Intuitive Sessions – redeem anytime to meet & connect with your spirit self    

smallchandelierSTAGE 2  ~  COMMUNICATE and STRENGTHEN  = Trust Your Intuition Mentoring Program
5 Steps to Know How Your Spirit Self Effectively and Efficiently Communicates with You

3 Months – 2 Sessions Per Month

~ a new way to experience a stronger 6th Sense of Intuition! Strengthen the communication between you and your SPIRIT self.

smallchandelierSTAGE 3  ~  EXPAND and EMBODY
= Trust Your Experience Mentoring Program
– 5 Fundamentals to Accelerate a New Sense of Self 

3 Months – 4 Sessions Per Month

Through this program discover The Five Inner Senses that are hidden gems inside of you. Embody Personal Power and Inner Spirit Beauty through The Five Inner Senses

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STAGE 1 – Insight Package – 3 Intuitive Readings (Save $71) $379  

STAGE 2 – Trust Your Intuition – 3 Month Mentoring Program – Invest now (Save $121) $779

STAGE 3 – Trust Your Experience – 3 Month Mentoring Program – Invest now (Save $303) $1497


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