Intuitive Sessions


 Schedule an Intuitive Session with Jennifer – $150

Me at the NinesYou probably already know how important the mind, body, spirit connection is to your overall health and well being.

To strengthen your body you might exercise, do yoga, or change your diet and eating habits. To strengthen your mind you may meditate, go for long peaceful walks and read personal development books.

So what are you doing to STRENGTHEN that SPIRIT part of you? How well do you listen to your spirit self?

Did you know that along with your mind and body, your spirit ALSO  needs nurturing, strengthening, and validation?




What to Expect:


You will receive DIRECT connection to your spirit self. I will connect with that higher part of you that is talking to you all the time and I can tell you EXACTLY what he or she is trying to tell or show you. Learn what your spirit wants you to know about your current life events and understand why you’re feeling what you’re feeling.


You can also expect to:

  • Experience direct connection and communication with YOUR spirit self and speed up the process to know EXACTLY what next practical steps to take, providing solid solutions and moving you through any of life’s obstacles.
  • Feel better about yourself and your choices.
  • Feel a weight being lifted.
  • Feel less burdened.
  • Feel validated.
  • Feel solid in moving forward through any challenges you’re currently going through in your personal and professional life.
  • Find new direction.
  • Trust everything is ok.
  • Experience the power of your spirit.
  • See the beauty of your spirit.
  • Discover a new sense of trust in self in what you’re feeling and experiencing.
  • Embody a renewed and restored level of ease and flow.
Schedule an Intuitive Session with Jennifer – $150

~ includes a downloadable MP3 audio file recording of your session

Jennifer also offers Intuitive Packages at “bundled” rates. See the Programs page for more information.




What to expect:


Receive information, answers, and insights around all of your questions, concerns, issues, and interests about your child. I can share with you how your child views their world, their strengths, their life lessons, why they were born to you, what you are both learning from each other, their food allergies, health issues, and learning styles. Are you pregnant? I can connect with your unborn child as well.

Schedule a Child/Parent Session with Jennifer – $150

~ includes a downloadable MP3 audio file recording of your session


What others are saying…


  • The experience fully exceeded all of my expectations. Jennifer has a true gift… coming away from my reading I  felt validated with everything I was questioning at this point in my life. I walked away from our conversation feeling like a weight had been lifted and with a new perspective on things. This is something everyone should do, as I’m sure you will come away a believer.”
    ~ Nicole Webb  Santa Monica, CA
  • “This has been the most amazing experience. I arrived in a rut. My life was confusing facing serious career choices. Jennifer called me on what mindsets were holding me back while being gentle about it all. My life feels now as if it will be a FUN endeavor versus a stressful obligation. Thank you Jennifer”
    ~ Tara Feeley  Hair Stylist, Beverly Hills, CA
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